Today my Covenant Theology professor, Dr Williams, presented a very helpful outline of the Biblical story and then compared it with the Church’s version of the story.

The Biblical Story:
Sender (God) -> Agent (Us) -> Task (Genesis 1) -> Impediment (Genesis 3, Sin) -> Helper (Jesus) -> Receiver or End Goal (Blessing of Creation)

The Biblical Story as told by the Church:
Sender (God) -> Agent (Jesus) -> Task (Salvation) -> Receiver (Us)

This is so true and so powerful. Look at what happens to the categories when the church gets hold of them. Some consequences he lists are:
1. It makes “how I get saved” and the doctrine of justification the point of it all.
2. It omits the Old Testament.
3. Creation isn’t a part of the story so it doesn’t matter anymore.
4. We are receivers not agents.

This has a big impact on how we define the gospel, which I will address in my next post. To whet your appetite I’ll simply say for now that most Western Christians, including popular Bible teachers, don’t really know what the gospel is having defined it according to the Church’s retelling.