Two and a half weeks of the semester left. Needless to say this blog isn’t going to see much action between now and then. Greek quiz tomorrow. Thursday I have a 14 page paper on Abraham’s call due. Next Wednesday I have a 25 page paper on 1 Cor 14:1-19 due. The next day my group is giving a group presentation on the passage. The following Friday I have a 15 page paper on 1 Cor 15:20-something or other. Hebrew is piling up since we got behind. We received our study questions for Covenant Theology today – 14 questions that we have to be prepared to speak 6-10 minutes each on. And I have to be perfect in all of this. Unfortunately I was sick for 7 full days last week and so didn’t get hardly anything done. I do wish they would spread the load out a bit more. I’ve done really well up to this point, but its all for not if I don’t have a good 2 and a half weeks.

Please pray for me and God please help.