Having an understanding of the Bible is all well and good, but the main benefit of a seminary education is learning to pronounce things properly. One of the words most regularly used in both Reformed and Pentecostal circles is glory, which is from the Hebrew word kbd. After hearing preachers butcher the pronunciation several times I have decided to submit this brief guide to the proper pronunciation of kbd.

The word kbd is transliterated into English as kabod, which is probably why people say it as ka as in cat and bod as in body. Actually it is kavod. The a is long like “open up and say ahh.” You say v instead of b. The o is long like the o in commode. The accent, or the emphasis, is on the last syllable. Putting this all together it is something like kahvode.

Freed from the anxiety of pronouncing glory improperly, you can now focus on the less weighty matters of truth and pastoral care.