Classes finally start today.  I’m very excited.  Breaks are nice, but I miss the class environment.  My classes are

  • Hebrew 3
  • Acts and Paul
  • Gospels
  • Pentateuch
  • Covenant Theology 2

Fall semester was great, but it was mostly languages and hermeneutics.  While these are important, they aren’t as important as studying the actual Bible.  In the fall I took 10 hours; now I’m taking 14.  I am a bit scared.  PhD applications are due by the end of the year.  This means this semester will decide what my GPA is when I apply.  A 3.8 is the average to minimum for the programs I’m going to be applying to.  At the end of the day, I’ve got to trust that God will put me in the program he wants me to be in, but I do believe in being as diligent as I can.

The main change I’m going to make from last semester is to do assignments as soon as I can instead of waiting until they are due.  The classes at Covenant Seminary seem to end loaded.  You are going along and everything is fine.  Then, all of the sudden, bam, you’re buried.  Last semester, I believe 75% of the assignments were due in the last three weeks.

I’ll keep you guys posted.