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I have compiled a list of the Bible passages I have to translate over the next few months to see what I am up against. The Hebrew isn’t too bad. I can use helps with it. The difficulty there is that I have to make detailed notes about my translation. Greek is harder because I can only use the Greek NT, a dictionary, and Greek grammars. In addition to this I’m trying to read a chapter of the Greek NT a day. We’ll see if that goes by the wayside as I get into the semester.

Genesis 1 is very interesting. I’ll probably write a post on this when I get farther along. For now, I’ll say that, grammatically, verses 1 and 2 happen before verses 3 and following. Big implications there. Also, “in the beginning” doesn’t have a “the” in it. I don’t know what that means, but at any rate it doesn’t.

List of passages to translate Spring Semester 2012:
Gen 1-2
Gen 11:27-12:9
Ex 20:1-17
Ex 34:1-10
Lev 1:1-9
Lev 17:11
Deut 6:4-9

Acts 2:32-39
Acts 5:41-6:4
Acts 9:1-6
Acts 10:13-16, 34-38
Acts 15:6-11
Acts 26:12-18
Gal 2:15-21
2 Cor 5:14-21
Rom 1:14-17
Rom 3:21-31
Eph 2:1-10
Eph 4:11-16
Col 1:15-20
Phil 2:5-11

Mark 2:1–12; 8:27–38; 10:45; 14:22–25
Matthew 2:1–12; 5:17–20; 28:16–20
Luke 1:1–4; 18:9–14; 24:44–53
John 1:1–18; 3:16–21; 10:25–30; 13:31–35; 20:30–31