While researching prophecy in Josephus’ writings this morning, my master’s thesis topic, I listened to the 5th message of Mike Bickle’s Encountering Jesus series, which can be found here.

For my Presbyterian friends this message is educational, because it presents another way of looking at the world. Bickle believes God sovereignly gives some believers power to evangelize people instantly, and that this anointing is somehow related to prayer. This message is historical rather than expository; he gives examples from history as well as a few times in his own life when this has occurred (this series is a history of his church). The point is for the hearers to get a vision for this anointing in their lives. In my experience believers from cessationist leaning backgrounds appreciate that the Holy Spirit still works today, but don’t expect remarkable demonstrations of this power in their own lives and churches. While I appreciate that God is sovereign and can do whatever he jolly well pleases, he also somehow chooses to take our prayers into account. Therefore, getting a greater vision of Christianity is essential. If all we can imagine is what we’ve experienced we will never ask for more. As Christians we must get past what we can accomplish by our own strength and dream of what God can do through the Church.

PS. The 3rd and 4th messages are pretty cool too. This entire series assumes all the gifts are still fully operational, so if you are coming from a more cessationist perspective be ready for it.