I discovered James K A Smith this week, and am so excited. First off he has written the best, and most important, book that I’ve read so far in seminary: Desiring the Kingdom (do yourself a favor and get a copy, $13 on Amazon). Then while searching his other stuff found out that he is the author of Thinking in Tongues, which attempts to put forth a Pentecostal worldview. “You mean this guy is charismatic?!? Yay!” A friend of my told me about it, but I hadn’t followed up. It’s next on my list.

Yesterday I read his Letters to a Young Calvinist. I so wish I had had this book when my first church went through the conversion to a New Calvinist church (that’s my interpretation for what happened anyway). Smith writes to a younger man who is discovering Calvin’s soteriology. Smith urges him to be humble, and realize that Calvin’s soteriology is a small slice of Calvin’s thought. If we had had this book maybe the dreaded heresy word would have been used less frequently. Anyway, very helpful book.

Here is a video of Smith addressing briefly what the New Calvinist movement can learn from Pentecostals in the growing world.