My wife and I recently upgraded our internet to a 30 MB/sec modem. The modem has several brights lights and no off switch. We keep the modem in our bedroom and so have to unplug it every night as we like to sleep in absolute darkness. I have found the simple act of unplugging our internet every night the most helpful step I’ve taken to improve/maintain my purity in the last few years. Personally, I’m morally weakest late at night and first thing in the morning. In the past, if I was unable to sleep and got up, I would browse the internet and occasionally end up looking at things I shouldn’t have. Opening that door made purity harder during the day, causing a downward moral spiral. Now that the internet is not an option I read a book or pray instead. The last several months have been the cleanest I’ve experienced in many a year. Unplug your internet at night.