I’m back from a week with the family at Disney World (St Louis to Orlando is one heck of a drive, but a great time was had by all). I’m presenting a paper on the 22nd at the Covenant Theological Society about Jesus’ teaching that “whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith” so I am busily trying to get that finished.

During a break today I was scrolling through Adrian Warnock’s blog and came across a couple of posts concerning John Piper’s understanding of the Christian’s experience of the Spirit that I wanted to pass on. In the first one Warnock cites John Piper on the reception of the Spirit in the book of Acts. In short, he says that in Acts people could tell, and were expected to be able to tell, when/if they received the Holy Spirit. Really great stuff from Piper and I appreciate his honest questioning. I’ve written something similar myself, but for a Baptist to say that the reception of the Spirit in Acts is discernible is very different than a Charismatic saying as much. In another post, Warnock cites Piper basically proclaiming himself a Charismatic in that he says the reception of the Spirit in Acts is experiential and, at least sometimes, subsequent to initial faith. I had no idea Piper thought this. Both of these citations are old so he may not believe this anymore; I’ll have to research this. Very exciting regardless, particularly as John Piper is so influential in the body of Christ at large.