Today marks the beginning of my final semester in seminary. How the time has flown! I have a great lineup of classes this term:

The World of the New Testament – Concerns the life of Jews, Greeks, and Romans during the time of the New Testament
Prophetical Books – Covers the major and minor prophets. This is with Dr. Collins who was editor of the OT for the ESV. I’m weak on the minor prophets so I should learn a ton.
Historical Books – Covers narrative historical books of the OT. Again I’m pretty weak on these books. I know the story, but don’t know how to read them theologically.
Pentateuch – I’ve already taken this class, but the professor who is teaching it was on sabbatical at the time. Supposed to be one of the best classes at Covenant when he teaches it.
God and Humanity – A systematic theology class concerning, you guessed it, God and man. Dr. Williams (author of Far as the Curse is Found, a great intro to the Biblical story) is an excellent teacher, once you get used to his somewhat brusque approach.
Master’s Thesis – I’ve got until March 4 to turn in 60 to 80 pages concerning Matthew’s reports that faith can move mountains. I didn’t realize the deadline was so soon until the beginning of last week. February is going to be a very, very ugly month. Every morning I tell myself “you only have to write 2 pages today” so as not to panic.