The Crossing in Columbia, Missouri is the best run church I’ve ever come across. I was reminded of all this tonight when I came across their website. It’s worth checking out as it reflects the same spirit of excellence as their services. Before moving to Covenant Theological Seminary, my family attended for six months to acquaint ourselves with the Presbyterian church, as we knew absolutely nothing about Presbyterians. I would guess 3,000 to 4,000 people attend, which is huge for a Presbyterian church. The main thing I learned there was how to lead a church with excellence. Their children’s ministry is so good that the church I attend in St. Louis uses their program even though it hasn’t been published. Their vacation Bible school program involves 1,000 people, most of the Christian kids in the city regardless of where they attend church. I don’t recall their band ever missing a note in the six months we attended. They tie their offering appeal to the sermon every week.

I’m posting this because we need to learn from people like this. I’m not Presbyterian, but they do many things better than I ever would if left to myself. Now by observing them, I can hopefully apply what is good in their model in a Charismatic church setting.