I’m now finished with Seminary. My project now, along with one of my pastors, is to develop a curriculum for the adults at the church I’m attending. This is so exciting as I finally get to take what I’ve learned in Seminary and use it to build the church. It is a bit daunting, though. There is so much to say, but what must we say? For example, I really want to teach people about God, but what is essential and what can be left for another time?

The things I’m clear about are teaching people to read the Bible well, teaching them the overview of the Biblical story, teaching the gospel, giving them a Christian worldview. Below is a list of classes, basically copied from my seminary. I’m wondering if any of my readers (if there are any left; I know I’ve been very negligent with this blog) have any suggestions for additional classes. I’m particularly interested about suggestions for classes from a more Charismatic/Pentecostal bent. I appreciate whatever suggestions you might have.

Foundational Classes
Core Class 1
Core Class 2
Spiritual Life (spiritual disciplines and the work of the Spirit)

Systematic Classes
God and Man
Ecclesiology and Eschatology
Christ and Salvation

Historic Books
Psalms and Wisdom
Acts and Paul
General Epistles

Marriage and Family