No, I’m not going to post the definitive guide to the Holy Spirit. Instead, I’m going to recommend Anthony Thiselton’s new book The Holy Spirit: In Biblical Teaching, through the Centuries, and Today. James Dunn, one of the great NT scholars of the last 40 years, writes about the book: “I have often thought that I would like to round off my writing career with a fuller or more complete study of the Holy Spirit. Rather to my relief I need no longer chomp at that bit. Tony Thiselton has already done it and left me nothing to do.” It is also recommended by Craig Keener, the top Charismatic scholar in the world today, in my opinion, and Amos Young, a prominent Pentecostal scholar.

Ok, so I haven’t read it yet. Unfortunately, I don’t have time at the moment. But the recommendations are strong enough, and by some of the top guys out there, that I wanted to make you all aware of this book. I haven’t come across many overviews on the Holy Spirit that I like so I’m looking forward to reading this one.

P.S. Max Turner’s The Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts is another one I would recommend (and I have read it).