Material well being is more important than spiritual well being, right? Well, of course the correct answer is no, but if the question isn’t stated so baldly, most Westerners act as if material well being is more important than spiritual well being (i.e. a relationship with Jesus Christ) even when thinking of others. This hit me when I read the blog post at the link below:

Physical vs. Spiritual Worldview and its Affect on Missions

My wife has been reading quite a bit about Scotland lately. Scotland is around 2-3% Christian, and most believers are over 40. Great place to do missions, right? Well apparently many people don’t think so. The Scottish aren’t as poor as others, and so aren’t as obviously needy when viewed from a material perspective.

Our embrace of the gospel needs to be stronger than our embrace of the American dream. That’s hard. God help us to have your priorities.