I suppose it sounds a tad presumptuous for me to suggest that we change the wording of the Lord’s Prayer; it’s kind of like suggesting we change the wording of John 3:16. It’s one of those passages you don’t mess with. But that’s precisely the problem. It has been translated the same way for so long that we don’t know what it means anymore.

I’m thinking specifically of verse 9. The ESV, NIV, KJV, and NASB all translate the final clause – “hallowed by your name.” Unfortunately, “hallow” has fallen out of usage in the modern English language. Outside of the Lord’s Prayer, I only remember it being used in the original name for Halloween, “All Hallow’s Eve.” Most people today don’t know what the word means.

This matters because, in this prayer, Jesus is giving us a template for prayer. If we don’t know what he is saying, or what we are saying when we recite it, we can’t pray like he taught us.

To hallow means to honor as holy. Therefore, I like how the NET and HCSB Bibles translate the phrase:

NET – “may your name be honored”

HCSB – “your name be honored as holy”

Pray the Lord’s prayer. Pray that people will honor and revere the Father’s name, and everything his name represents (God himself, his character, and his ways).