Kevin DeYoung has recently posted an extremely helpful series of questions related to the sanctification debate. If you aren’t familiar with this debate, it concerns the relationship between the law and gospel. DeYoung lists five basic things that everyone involved in the evangelical sanctification debate agree on–he’s talking about good, solid Christians–and then lists fifteen questions, with several sub-questions each (for a total of 44 if I counted correctly), where people in the debate disagree. I love this list, because it puts the options on the table and forces us to think instead of blindly assuming our view is the only possibility.

Understanding justification and sanctification is an extremely important to the Christian life. But there is a general lesson here as well. Error is a given as long as we only know in part. It’s essential that we admit the possibility that we are getting some important issues wrong. The best defense against error is to admit that we don’t have all the answers and to learn from lots of different people, particularly those from different denominations.