I’m listening to A Conversation with Derek Thomas, and he goes into the pluses and minuses of seminary around the twentieth minute. He is honest with the problems of seminary, which I really appreciated just having gone myself. But despite the negatives of seminary he says that pastors need some sort of training. Specifically,

There are basic things that you need to know, and need to understand before you can be trusted to be an expounder of Scripture and somebody who deals with people’s hearts and souls. A basic competence in Scripture, in Biblical and Systematic Theology, in worldview, in Biblical languages, in history, unless you want to be the guy who repeats the errors of history, you need to know to know some history.

The history bit really resonates with me. I’ve come to realize that there is nothing new under the sun; the theological debates we have today have already been debated for hundreds and thousands of years. We could save a lot of time if we would just read the conclusions of the best of the orthodox church.