This post is a bit of a departure for this blog. Today, I’m posting the main lessons I’ve learned in the past year in the hopes that some of you will learn from my experiences and not repeat my mistakes.

• Don’t sit at closed doors hoping they will open one day.
• Don’t intentionally go into difficult situations hoping to change things unless you are very sure.
• Don’t assume. Get absolute clarity about the situation.
• Be helpful. Be a team player. Be unselfish with your time. Demonstrate concern for the group.
• Make sure your skills match what the organization wants, not just needs, as if they don’t value what you bring they won’t appreciate you even if they truly need you.
• Don’t assume you are strong enough to handle difficult situations without being affected.
• Don’t sell yourself short.
• If something feels wrong, it probably is. Trust your instincts.
• Take advice with a grain of salt. Don’t just do what people tell you to do, or what makes sense to them. No one is invested in the outcome as much as you are.