My default mode is to drift through life doing as I please. After years of reading Christian books at random, I’ve realized that doesn’t get you anywhere in life. Concrete objectives are needed. I want to make sure I’m taking steps towards my goal (to be a faithful teacher) instead of wandering aimlessly.

Below is my list of development goals for the next ten years. Since this list isn’t typical for a Charismatic Christian, it probably requires some explanation.

Memory work – With today’s technology a person can look up information in a matter of seconds. Why memorize? We memorize because it makes the information a part of us, literally. We are actually wiring the information into our bodies.

Systematic theologies and confessions – The American evangelical church doesn’t have a grid for the historic church. Why bother with it? The Church matters, first of all because the Church matters, but besides that, because most thoughts have already been thought and discussed. Why reinvent the wheel? Better to take the best of what has been thought, internalize it, and build from there.

Now onto my list:

Westminster Shorter Catechism (done)
Apostle’s Creed
Nicene Creed
Athanasian Creed
Outlines to the Books of the Bible
Timeline of major events of the Bible
Geographical sense of major places
Psalms (to at least some extent; to be a bishop in the early church you had to have the Psalms memorized)
John 3:16 (joking)

Two Commentaries on Each Book of the Bible (I’ve made a list of those)
Gain ability to read A Reader’s Greek and Hebrew Bible without further aids (I have a plan)

Church History
Apostolic Fathers
History of Theology by Bengt Hägglund
2,000 Years of Christ’s Power by Needham or maybe Pelikan’s history

Systematic Theologies
Calvin’s Institutes
Institutes of Elenctic Theology by Turretin
Reformed Dogmatics by Bavinck
Systematic Theology by Frame

Book of Concord (Lutheran)
Catechism of the Catholic Church (Catholic)
Belgic Confession (Reformed)
Canons of Dort (Reformed)
Heidelberg Catechism (Reformed)
Baptist Confession of Faith (1689) (Baptist)

Read and take thorough notes on the following books: Healing Path, Anatomy of the Soul, Strategic Pastoral Counseling, Leader’s Journey, Close Calls, Counseling Couples in Conflict, What am I Feeling, Intimate Mystery, Sacred Marriage, Name the Elephant, Universe Next Door, Science of Trust, Parenting from the Inside Out, Emotional Resilience, Childhood Unbound, Gifts of Imperfection, and The Social Animal.

Read biographies of great saints in the past (healthy discipline requires vision)

Spiritual Disciplines
Daily Bible reading
Meditate on what was read
Pray about what was read
Daily family worship