Lately there have been many articles and blog posts about how the governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, refused to answer a question about evolution. I don’t know anything about Governor Walker, but the condescending tone of many of the articles bothered me. I wrote a post about Science and Faith in response to this issue, but then saw a post on Justin Taylor’s blog that does a better job: 6 Meanings of the Word “Evolution”.

Please read the article, but, in short, asking someone if they believe in evolution is simplistic as the term has many different meanings; some of which are almost certainly true and some of which seem, to me at least, to be almost certainly not true.

A couple of good books questioning the fifth and sixth meanings of evolution (I’m assuming you heard plenty in their defense in high school and college) are Darwin’s Doubt by Stephen Meyer and What Darwin Got Wrong by Jerry Fodor and Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini. The first by a Christian (PhD Cambridge) and the second by two atheists (they are committed atheists and thus not worried about the theory failing).