“In terms of the kind of proof which historians normally accept, the case we have presented that the tomb-plus-appearances combination is what generated early Christian belief, is as watertight as one is likely to find.”
NT Wright – Resurrection of the Son of God p 707

It might be surprising to some, but historians, whether they are Christians or not, believe that the resurrection happened. Or they at least believe that quite a number of people claimed to have seen Jesus after he was raised and that this belief was in the church from its earliest beginnings. The struggle of the atheist historian is that as strong a case can be made for Christ’s resurrection as for other accepted events in ancient history. If the resurrection is denied then the rest of history would have to be denied as well. Even the historical method would have to be denied.

Modern people laugh at the church for believing that Christ was raised. Dead people don’t come back to life they say; enlightened people know better than that. Of course we know dead people don’t come back to life. The early church knew that too. That’s what makes Jesus so special. He did rise from the dead. He talked with many people who witnessed to his resurrection and were willing to lose everything, even their lives for this fact. God raised Jesus from the dead and has made him King of the whole world. After this message has been proclaimed to all the peoples of the world he is going to come back again to fix the brokenness of the world and reign with the church in peace forever.