Below are the best resources I’ve come across concerning the intersection of homosexuality, Christianity and culture. I’ve waited a bit to share these as I personally found the barrage of news articles and Facebook posts a bit overwhelming after the SCOTUS ruling.

Homosexuality in the Church – This is a 30 minute talk by David Strain on the Biblical approach to homosexuality. Strain has family members and friends who self identify as gay so this isn’t a theoretical exercise for him. The best combination of faithfulness to Scripture and compassion I’ve found, plus he’s Scottish so he’s fun to listen to. Strain’s talk starts around the 50 minute mark at the link. Excellent!

Advice on Same Sex Marriage From a Canadian Pastor – Wisdom from a pastor serving in a country where same sex marriage has been legal for a decade.

Forty Questions For Christians Now Waving Rainbow Flags and Forty Answers and Two Questions – In the first link, Kevin DeYoung has forty questions for Christians who support gay marriage. In response to this Matthew Vines wrote forty questions for Christians who don’t support gay marriage. The second link contains Michael Brown’s excellent responses.