Over the past three months, two pastors of rather large churches in my town preached on the gift of tongues. Having heard them so close together the differences struck me, and it is instructive to listen to them side by side to see how different streams of the body of Christ approach this gift. Both are great guys and lead great churches. One church, Christian Fellowship, is a non-denominational charismatic church. The other, The Crossing, is a progressive, conservative Presbyterian church. The messages are only about 30 minutes so the time commitment is small.

Christian Fellowship – The Gift of Tongues

The Crossing – What About Speaking in Tongues

P.S. I’ve written several posts about speaking in tongues if you want to investigate this subject more deeply (Speaking in Tongues Part I, Speaking in Tongues Part II, Speaking in Tongues Part III, Speaking in Tongues Part IV, and Speaking in Tongues in Early Christianity). I believe part II of my Speaking in Tongues series provides some insight into the question Pastor Phil from Christian Fellowship raises about interpretation in his sermon.