During a Bible study I attended in my early 20’s, a friend of mine suggested we do a study on infant baptism, even if it took a couple of weeks. Another fellow, who grew up Baptist, looked at him then looked down his Bible, quickly thumbing through it, before saying, “ok, we’ve covered everything the Bible says about infant baptism.” In other words, the Bible doesn’t say anything about infant baptism so there is nothing to discuss. At the time I thought this was good reasoning. I grew up Baptist as well, and thought infant baptism was just bizarre. Having attended a Presbyterian seminary I was forced to listen to their side of the argument. Funny that both of us are Presbyterians now.

The best case for infant baptism I’ve heard can be found in this clip by the former President of my seminary. The relevant part, from 4:12 – 6:20, is only two minutes long, crystal clear, and appears to me to be irrefutable. If you are coming from a Baptist perspective, please take the two minutes to listen, even if the idea makes you uncomfortable. As a rule, if you find yourself on the opposite side of most of the great theologians of history on an issue, it is wise to hear their reasoning.