On August 25, Zondervan is releasing the new NIV Study Bible. The NIV should be most people’s go-to Bible (in my opinion), because it best balances readability with accuracy (fuller explanation here). Its written at a 7th-8th grade level, which is the level the average American reads at. The other translation I would recommend is the ESV, but it’s written at a 10th grade level. If you are a good reader, then go for the ESV, but that surely shouldn’t be the default version of the average church.

Well written study Bibles – the ESV Study Bible is another good example – are incredibly helpful because they put the helps you need right there. The trick is to remember that the comments, charts, tables, etc. aren’t inspired; the Biblical text is inspired. As long as you keep that in mind, though, you really should be using a Study Bible.

Here is a 2 minute overview of the new NIV Study Bible: 2 minute overview of the new NIV Study Bible

Here’s a link to purchase (quite cheap at the moment): Purchase NIV Study Bible