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This morning I listened to a message by Mike Bickle on cultivating devotion to the Lord. One thing he emphasized was putting ourselves before God’s word on a consistent basis, instead of trying to approach God in a blank, mystical way. He noted that we can read through the New Testament every month by reading ten chapters a day, six days a week. The reading should be done prayerfully, as opposed to trying to simply get through it.

I wondered if this approach could be expanded to the Old Testament (OT). At first I didn’t think so as it has 929 chapters. However, if you break the OT into sections – law, narrative, wisdom, and prophecy – this method works well. The chapter breakdowns are below:

Section           # of Chapters
Law               187
Narrative         249
Wisdom           243
Prophets          250
NT                260

10 chapters a day, 6 days a week equates to 260 chapters a month on average, which is enough for each of these sections.

Have you heard of spaced repetition? It’s an important learning technique. Briefly, our memories are converted from short term to long term storage by frequent repetition initially and then by occasional reminders later. To remember anything, review daily until you can recall the information then review weekly until you remember then monthly and so on. Having seasons where we approximate this method on sections of the Bible allows us to internalize it much better than reading a passage once a year.

Reading through the Bible in a year takes about 4 chapters a day, 6 days a week.  Ten chapters a day is a bigger commitment, but still very doable. Consider taking seasons where you read a section of the Bible monthly for three or four months. As noted above, read devotionally. I trust you will see leaps in your understanding and love for God.