Today, Kevin DeYoung posted tips to help you choose the right seminary that I want to pass along to you. Quite helpful. To his list I would add “How Will You Fit At the Seminary?” The trouble with recommending a seminary for charismatic believers is I don’t know any top seminaries that are charismatic. Therefore, DeYoung’s question Have you thought about the tradition you want to be a part of? doesn’t have an obvious answer for us charismatics. What you have to do then is find a solid school that will, at the very least, accept you as you are. I’m solidly in the Reformed camp at this time, but historically the Reformed church has been cessationist. If you pick a staunchly Reformed seminary, they might not accept you, even if you present good support for your beliefs. Personally, I can recommend Covenant Theological Seminary having graduated from there myself. They were extremely supportive and helpful, even the professors that completely disagreed with me. If Covenant doesn’t work for you I’d check out Trinity, Gordon-Conwell, or RTS. Before picking RTS, though, I would confirm their position on charismatic believers as they seem to lean more conservatively Reformed than Covenant.