I’ve gotten to the point where I only read cessationists. Not intentionally, but the people I find most insightful just happen to all be cessationists. Personally, I don’t have much sympathy with cessationism, which is why that pains me. Therefore, I’m excited to have found Andrew Wilson’s blog. He’s pastor of an NFI church in England, and knows his stuff. A charismatic who quotes Carl Trueman…brings tears to my eyes.

List of his posts –

Cessationism and Strange Fire (Wilson refutes Cessationism here) – http://thinktheology.co.uk/blog/article/cessationism_and_strange_fire

Brief History of Grace (try to read the whole series if you can) – http://thinktheology.co.uk/blog/article/paul_and_the_gift_a_brief_history_of_grace