One of the best things I got out of seminary was learning how to discern the great from the not-so-great in the overwhelming ocean of Christian resources in internet world. Before seminary my thinking was basically a compilation of the sermons and books I came across, having little ability to separate the edifying from the misleading.

Below are the online Christian resources I find most consistently helpful.

My Must Reads/Listens
Carl Trueman – Presbyterian pastor and historical theology scholar
My go-to guy. Knows so much about history and modern culture that he can speak with great insight into current issues in the church.
Podcast and Blog
First Thing Contributions

Mark Jones – Presbyterian pastor and historical theology scholar
Devout and incredibly knowledgeable. Intense focus on Christ, which is unfortunately rare.
Reformation21 Contributions

Andrew Wilson – Charismatic pastor
Just found Wilson’s blog. The guy I aspire to be (ministry wise)

Bishop Robert Barron – Catholic Bishop
Always thoughtful and wise. The best of the Catholic tradition, which is saying something
YouTube Channel 

Excellent Blogs I Regularly Follow
Michael Bird – Anglican scholar
My favorite pure scholar. His writing always seems correct to me.

Scot McKnight – Anglican scholar
The best guy on the gospel in the world

Kevin DeYoung – Presbyterian pastor and historical theology scholar
Thoughtful pastor and a great communicator. His series on justification is essential reading.

Justin Taylor
I don’t know much about him, but his blog is a collection of amazing resources