I’m a Charismatic Christian who is passionate about the Bible. My focus in this blog is to provide content that will give Charismatic and Pentecostal believers a strong foundation in the faith.

Here are some examples:
The Sufficiency of Scripture – A Charismatic’s Take
Why Read the Bible?
Mature and Stable Churches
For Pastors – How to Say Glory in Hebrew – my most popular for some reason

Why you should read my blog
There are many amazing Christian blogs out there – see this post for my recommendations. Why another one? I write this because there are very few Reformed Charismatic bloggers out there. (Anyone know of a Charismatic, paedobaptist blogger? I’m asking.) Many traditional Christian writers offer good content, but don’t speak sympathetically to Charismatic concerns.

Most of my Christian life has been spent in non-denominational Charismatic churches. However, after seeing so many leaders fall away and my friends getting tossed around by various teachings, I decided to go to seminary to get training. At Covenant Theological Seminary, where I got a Master’s in Exegetical Theology, I discovered that Presbyterians love God, too, and that they have thought most things through deeply – that is except for their cessationist views, which I didn’t find convincing. I want to combine the best of both the Reformed and Charismatic worlds in this blog.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. I’d be interested in hearing your impressions as you attend seminary,

    I think they’ll mix nicely with the insights you presently posses!

    Remain In The Fathers hands!

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